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  • How much liquid or lotion does the pro-go tube hold?
    Your pro-go tube holds almost 1 oz.
  • Do you offer different color tubes and end caps?
    We offer a many colors on custom orders of 1000+ units, see our Promotional Products section of the website. For orders under 1000, we are starting with the white translucent tubes with red, blue or green end caps and wire. We will eventually offer many different colors for smaller orders. Please continue to check our store for new products.
  • What do people commonly fill their pro-go with?
    Sunscreen, hand sanitizer, bug repellent, pain creams, aloe gel, moisturizing lotion and glow sticks are the most common uses.
  • Does one size fit all?
    Yes, pro-go has a patented wire that runs along the outer wall of the tube. This allows you to wrap it around any size wrist, ankle or neck while holding it's shape. No clasping or connecting the ends.
  • How do I clean out my pro-go tube?
    Cleaning your pro-go tube is easy. First, simply open both ends. If you're cleaning out a thicker liquid or lotion (for example sunscreen, pain cream, aloe gel) use the "push plug" which came with your pro-go and push it through the entire tube to dispense old lotion. After you've moved the "push plug" through, simply run hot water through tube until clean. When cleaning out a thinner liquid from the tube, simply pour out liquid then run hot water through tube until clean.
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